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This manual water pump is for fuel petrol diesel gasoline oil water and other common liquids, also can be a water changer for fish tank at you home. It ideal for various vehicles without anti-theft filter net. A rubber hand pump that quickly starts siphon liquid flow. It comes with flexible durable lengthen and thicken clear PVC pipe, oil, high temperature and corrosion resistant makes this pump transfer more quickly. Built-in outlet and inlet valve to prevent backflow, extraction directly, liquid outflow in 5 seconds. The arrow indicates flow direction. It is for fuel petrol crude oil gasoline oil water and other common liquids.

Key Featuers
  • New oil transfer pump can quickly start liquid flow.
  • You can transfer liquids without any spills.
  • Also, allow you to change fish tank water at home easily.
  • Suitable to transfer diesel, fuel, petrol in or out of all kind of vehicles.
  • Lightweight enough to bring along wherever you want.
  • Pump provides you a faster liquid flow in between the containers

The Way To Use:

  • 1. Keep the arrow on the sphere down
  • 2. Insert the upper tube into the fuel tank
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